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Ninka Bernadette

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson is a bestselling writer, speaker and workshop leader of The Online Detox Tribe programme with thousands of followers all over Europe. She did the impossible. She turned a whole nation of busy moms on to health, presence and detox, as she made health and happiness rituals mainstream in Denmark. Her programme healed her son from autism, asthma, allergies and saved her from depression, obesity, anxiety and thyroid disease.

Her books describing her system created a movement and a public demand for drug free treatments and gluten-dairy and sugar-free food in the super-markets. Ninka has sold over 140,000 copies of her book, “Kernesund familie – sådan” which means, “Core Health for Families.” Published 5 years ago, the book still holds the record as one of the bestselling non fiction books ever published in Denmark. Previously, she was a TV journalist on national TV in Denmark and have been featured on every front cover of all the top magazines in Denmark, as well as being a guest on all the top tv shows in Scandanavia.

In following her passion, she quit her job as head of PR to follow a dream of becoming a writer, speaker and  health coach for women and children.

She has 9 years of experience in facilitating health, happiness and peaceful presence for women through detox rituals and wisdom-circles. She also certifies health care professionals via her coaching school.


Background and Education

10 years of experience in facilitating holistic detox processes for women
Bestselling writer ( 6 published books)

Biosignature Practitioner, test and protocols for fatloss and hormonal imbalance. The Poliquin Group
DNA Life  Practitioner,  Gene testing and protocols, Nordic Clinic
Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 1, Chek Institute
Lifestyle Coach, Mindjuice
Master Trainer in Emotinal Healing and Beyond Self Sabotage Coach, Inner Awakenings.
Passion Test Facilitator
Procesledelse og anerkendende kommunikation, Cenfac

Conferences  and courses:
Autism is Treatable, Doctors Conference, Norway
DAN - Defeat Autism Now, Atlanta, US
Seeking Health MTHFR, Neutragenomics, Methylation, vaccines, detoxification and epigenetics.
The Thyroid Sessions
The Depression sessions
The Truth About Cancer
The Gluten Summit

Journalist from DJH  ( 4 years education and intership at DR News, National TV, 4 years experience in TV and Magazine production)
Head of Communication, Pr and Company Identity - self imployed
Consultant copy and freelance and ghostwriter, Politiken Publishing.


Tribe People Theory 

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