Ninkas Detox - Detox dig slank

Louise Lie von Linstow

Ninka is a force of nature! She comes in and changes everyones life around her. And she does it with so much passion, integrity and authenticity that it is impossible not to love her deeply. 
She is deeply committed to changing the way we think, feel and eat , 
but most of all she is committed to show you the way out of self abandonment and she works on such a deep level because she has walked the road herself. 
Not only has Ninka walked the road herself, she has also walked down every single sideway, just to see if there is any possible way for you to make a shortcut and make your life a little bit easier and better.
She is a glowing healing force of good, and she has already changed so many lives, that is going to send waves into the next generations.
In my own life, Ninka has been a big healing support, a true inspiration, she has helped me to accomplish many of the things that are most important in my life and my go-to-guru for everything that has to do with body and mind. 
But the most amazing thing about Ninka is her willingness to help other people, from a completely pure heart. She is a giver. And a big healer for woman around the world. Including me.

Therapist, Intuitive counselor, Author of ´the secret science of altars´
Louise Lie von Linstow