Ninkas Detox - Detox dig slank

Janet Atwood, The Passion Test, Transformational leader, N.Y. Times bestselling Writer.

​Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson is a rock star Health Queen, who turned a whole nation of busy moms on to health, nature and detox, as she made health and happiness rituals mainstream in Denmark. Her journey started when she helped her autistic child reverse the symptoms. Now she follow her passion for creating tribes of women who change the Planet one family at the time. 

​I love that her books created a movement and a public demand for gluten-dairy and sugar-free food in the super-markets.​ 

Because she has sold over 140,000 copies of​ her book, “Kernesund familie – sådan”​ , I have invited her on stage to talk about how to live your passion and how to write an Enlightened Bestseller in my mentor-programmes on this subject.

Even the most succesful transformational leaders in my network are impressed.

​Ninkas book still holds the record as one of the bestselling non fiction books ever published in Denmark. 

​She is currently working with some of the most influential and well connected people in the Industry on translating her online course and books, so that her message can reach the English​ and the U.S. market. ​

​Janet Bray Atwood, N. Y Times Bestselling author.